I can Build a Phone???

There are many instances where people have built thier own phone. Doing this using parts bought and found from an array of sources. I have always seen these examples and figured this was something amazing tech genius’s could do. Not me, obviously, definitely not me.

I am possibly the furthest thing from a tech genius you will ever meet. It amazes me I have come this far in life only ever getting 2 viruses on my computer. And then someone told me just how easy it can be to build a phone, which I just thought was ridiculous, but it occurred to me, could I possibly build my own phone?


original meme- 

Of course I didn’t actually try this myself, because not only am I the furthest thing from a tech genius I am also the furthest thing from a motivated human. However I got my lazy self moving and went researching.

I first stumbled upon a man who built his own iPhone using parts in China. This seemed miraculous. However when realizing how all the parts are made in China anyway, I realized he really wasn’t that amazing (funny joke) and continued my search.

My laziness then led me to a google project called Project Ara. This project lets people change and piece together their own phone using the parts provided. They call it the ‘modular phone’, stating its built to last and simple to mix, match and swap.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 2.48.27 PM.png

What each of these technologies can do, and what building your own phone can do is create a generative platform. This generative platform is different from a locked appliance, which only lets you create and buy from one source. What all of these generative platforms are producing, are ways to create, code, and enhance technology yourself. But I still don’t think I could build a Phone.


8 thoughts on “I can Build a Phone???”

  1. Hey Jordie !
    Nice work this week !
    You’ve provided an example that is extremely clear, concise and easy understand! I really don’t know why the modular phone never went ahead, seems like a good idea to me! Perhaps they’ll bring the idea back soon.
    Your inclusion of images and videos, along with hyperlinks to each of your examples is great and allows for easy navigation around your post.
    Your meme is also great!
    Perhaps you could have contrasted these generative platforms and technologies with an example of something that is a locked appliance, juts to further iterate your point!
    Keep it up 🙂


  2. Hi Jordie, this post opened my eyes to a couple things in the vast technological universe I’ve never heard of before. I’d heard of people attempting to build phones, which would be a cool skill but seems sort of unnecessary? Idk maybe thats just me. In saying this, the modular phone does sounds really interesting, I mean, a seriously incapable tech person could get on board with this I think hahaha. All round this was quite an informative post, using videos, hyperlinks, and images was also engaging and supported what you had to say. Keep it up 🙂 x


  3. Nice work Jordie! It’s interesting how quickly so many people get invested in a locked appliance such as Apple products before finding out what its like to use a generative platform like Android devices. In my post I wrote about a similar concept using Apple laptops verse other Computers, and how it would be cost effective with essentially better performance to go ahead and ‘build your own laptop piece by piece’. Although I could never drop my Mac and do something like that, for many people that could definitely be a good alternate option.


  4. Hi Jordie,
    I found this post to be a really interesting read. I’d heard of people repairing phones themselves but I’d never heard of them building them from scratch themselves. I didn’t even think this was possible, although thinking about it now I realise someone in a factory has to make them…
    I found the idea of the modular phone really interesting and simple. I wonder how long it will be until we are able to build our own phones using a 3D printer? My guess is less than 5 years.
    Great post! 🙂


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