What do you mean this new movie isn’t new?!?!

I’m not even going to attempt to explain the idea of ‘Remix Culture‘ in terms of Hip Hop and Rap music, which is how it was explained to me. I didn’t understand one part of it. Despite being unsure I understood this idea of ‘Remix Culture’, I am going to attempt to explain it in a way I do understand, through film.

Anything can be remixed. You can remix music which is perhaps the most obvious example. However you can also remix films, or more specifically, film ideas.

This is a more abstract term, but when you think about it, most films these days aren’t from original ideas. They are prequels, sequels, origin stories, adaptations¬†of books and comic books, remakes of the films themselves, reimagining’s and the list goes on.

In fact, of the 5 highest grossing films if 2016, 4 out of the 5 were ‘remixed’ in some way.

  1. Finding Dory‘: A sequel


2. ‘Rogue one: A star wars story’: A reimagining of a world already created


3. ‘Captain America: Civil War’: An adaptation of a comic book


4. ‘The Jungle Book’: A remake of an old film


Each of these films is in some way ‘remixed’, and I struggle to think of any films that haven’t been ‘remixed’ in some way.

Instead of trying to ‘remix’ my own film in some way, which I don’t even know is possible with my skill level, I have decided to instead remix a wonderful and heartfelt speech from my favorite film (pure sarcasm intended).


8 thoughts on “What do you mean this new movie isn’t new?!?!”

  1. Your point about how films can be remixed really opened my mind to remix culture as it include more than music. I agree that film ideas are recycled and reused a lot due to the original making so much money. Just see how many movies are resolved around the idea/concept of Cinderella such as Cinderella Story, Ever After and The Disney live action Cinderella. This website supports your point of film ideas being reused http://www.gamesradar.com/22-movies-that-were-weirdly-similar/


  2. Hey, Louis here. very interesting point of view to see how most triple A hollywood movies are not original ideas. do you see a future where all the films we watch will be sequels, prequels or parodies of the last decades releases. or do you believe that we will see another rerun of such sacred and holy milestones of pop culture such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings with a new cast and new CG in the next 5 years. would love to hear back from you?


    1. Thank you! I definitely think in the future the most popular of movies will continue to be these sequels and prequels that will guarantee an audience, but re-runs will for sure be seen in the future!


  3. Hey this blog is fantastic, it was very hard for me to find something for you to improve but I did find one small and easy to fix thing. With the beginning of the blog there is a large chunk of writing which later on is followed by images which are much more visually appealing but I feel that it would just put the icing on the cake if you threw in one or two images in between the large chunks of info at the start just to break it up a bit


  4. hey!
    I think its great that you have used a complete different example as to what remix is rather than the classic ‘rap’ music. I think its important to understand that all of these films aren’t always original and that their idea are always a ‘remix’ of something that has been done before. i love the fact that this post is so visual and has so many examples. I really enjoyed reading this piece and I don’t think i could make a suggestion to improve this, well done!


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