Meme Warfare: A serious statement???

Not once in my life have I ever taken a meme seriously. Not ever. Like ever, ever. Sure, I see them as entertainment, a source of humor, a lighthearted image to make my hours spent scrolling Facebook seem worth it. And I’m sure there are a lot of people that agree and feel the same. I definitely have favorite memes, and ones I will always find funny, like this guy:


But taken him seriously??? Nah

Not only have I never taken them seriously, but I’ve never seen them as a source of propaganda. That just sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? A meme as propaganda!?!? It’s an outrage! A scandal! (Yaaas first Harry Potter quote)  However, yesterday, I learnt that a meme can be just that.

Due to our constant open source media outlet of the internet, and all the ways we are in fact no longer the audience, I guess this can’t come as too much of a shock. We use the internet to influence a multitude of happenings and issues, and one of the ways we are seen doing this is through memes.

We all hate Trump, yes? However, due to the way we were all made to think of him during the election, and still today, I began to wonder if things like this were becoming propaganda and influencing people:



Because the internet started looking like this:


So, are memes more than just a source of hilarity? Are they propaganda?


10 thoughts on “Meme Warfare: A serious statement???”

  1. hi,
    That’s a great and interesting blog post up there. Like you, I used to consider memes as a source of humor, and I have never actually taken them seriously, and I think memes started basically from the desire to share their feelings and entertainment purpose. However, as they have become worldwide, when people from all over the world can easily approach them, people started to see memes as some sort of tools to achieve their propaganda purposes. That’s my opinion about this particular topic, hope you’ll find it helpful.
    Thi Hoang

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  2. Nice post!
    I really enjoyed reading it.
    I liked how you started with the point about how we usually don’t take memes seriously, however I think part of why they are so effective as means of propaganda is that people don’t see them as a serious statement, so they are more likely to consume, enjoy and share the meme, which has of course led to meme warfare.
    I enjoyed this article about meme warfare -
    Also, nice Harry Potter quote haha,

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  3. Hey Jordie, great content! I agree that at the start of this subject, meme warfare seemed like a bit of a funny subject, maybe even meant in a different context. But after doing my own research for my own blog post, I understand how it works and its actually quite frightening to think how much power memes can have. Check out my blog here: , but mainly check out this source to gain an understanding of pepe and his influence on the 2016 US election

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  4. Loved the blog post! It’s exactly how I have felt about all of the meme talk because until doing this subject I would laugh a little at a meme and keep scrolling. I don’t think memes were intended for the purpose that they have become I think that they originally started as an entertainment source and for a bit of a laugh but have turned into a main stream thing that everyone uses. Even NSW police have a ‘meme team’ and they really are effective because never did I think I would follow NSW police Facebook page but its pretty funny, its worth a look:

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  5. Hey! I really enjoyed this blog post, it’s so relatable… As most people do think the same way, memes do seem like harmless jokes that pop up as your scrolling through Facebook. However by reading your article and doing my own research it’s incredible how illustrators and creators of memes can have some serious depth and meaning behind them, and can send strong messages regarding controversial issues such as Trumps appointment as the president. Great examples also!


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