Formerly known as the audience

Lets take a trip back in time boys and girls. Back to when time was simpler and food was cheaper. Now in this time, news was not what it is today. In fact, it was a completely different system, where news came from one source and thats all everyone read. News was just news.



Now lets jump forward to today. News is not just news. It is an endless stream that comes from anywhere. We are the people formerly known as the audience. We can choose to be passive consumers or active makers through the internet, social media and every other form of communication available. This is due to the beauty of our now ongoing  internet which is dialogic by design. Something that cannot be controlled and anyone can broadcast any message.

This shift of the audiences participation has created a whole new spectrum of news and just what audience can really mean. As the audience is no longer passive observers, but anything they want to be.



3 thoughts on “Formerly known as the audience

  1. You have perfectly summarised today’s society in a captivating and entertaining blog post! I love your use of the meme and images that you have chosen. Your opinion on today’s audience is spot on!

    This has really helped my understanding of what we have touched on in class and heard at the lectures.

    Love reading your blogs and can’t wait to see more from you. 🙂


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