Beyoncé matters because we are told so


Beyoncé is the pinnacle of modern societies entertainment. She is what young girls aspire to be and what older woman try to be. She is an artist who makes the world stop…..carry on (bad pun). Her meaningful songs and powerful lyrics persuade us to think different things like that pretty hurts or single ladies should always have their hands up. And her signature looks and images shape fashion and style. But what if I told you, this is only because someone else is telling us so. And this someone else is the media.

We cannot deny Beyoncé is an amazing artist in her own right. However her stigma and powerful influence in todays society isn’t just because of her talent or our obsession, its because of her portrayal in the media. In case you are really confused and angrily yelling at your screen “NEVER SAY THIS ABOUT BEYONCÉ SHE IS THE REASON FOR EXISTENCE” let me explain what I mean…

The media isn’t just a free system where anyone can say, think, or portray anything they want. In fact, it is far from that. It is a carefully monitored system that does not allow for much freedom. Not just this, but people OWN it. They choose what is shown and what isn’t. They CONTROL it. And we don’t have a choice in the matter. We are constantly influenced by this thing called the media, and think we are individual, independent thinkers because we read the news. Furthermore, Australia has one of the highest concentrated media ownerships in the world, if you aren’t sure what I mean just look at this image.


These are the only people controlling what you see and what you don’t. The only people telling you that Beyoncé matters.

I am also a victim of this, as I really didn’t know the truth until yesterday. I always thought.. ‘Oh I listen to triple j and watch abc news so I’m getting like real news and thinking for myself cause I’m so independent’. Oh how wrong I was. Believing I was forming my own opinions about current issues and whether or not I thought red was a good colour for Jennifer Aniston (it is though she can wear anything).

Despite our limited access to the media and perhaps anger or fear towards this. Media will always portray some sort of opinion, and it is important to bring awareness to the fact that we are only getting few of those opinions. So next time you see Beyoncé in the media telling ladies to get in formation, ask yourself, why do you think this matters?



4 thoughts on “Beyoncé matters because we are told so”

  1. Hello Jordie ,
    Great analysis, I will have to agree that Beyonce is a “pinnacle of modern societies entertainment” she has developed so many people to aspire and follow her. When I was reviewing this video I found it very repetitive from how she’s trying to get her message across to those women who have it tough, similarly found it influential.
    Your interpretations toward Beyonce allowed me to understand your perspectives towards media and the controls that people have amongst our society and inevitably suggest how easy it is to manipulate naive people towards media. Keep up the great work !!

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  2. The popularity factor in the media is incredibly overpowering. Due to the popularity and connotations behind the name ‘Beyonce’, people will follow, act and believe anything Beyonce ever does or says whether it be a positive or negative influence which is always a point of discussion with any pop star. The popularity factor and also the power factor with people such as Rupert Murdoch runs the media in the current generation and controls what we here and how we act, well written and described and taking on the challenge of explaining Beyonce’s figure of power and what she really portrays.

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