GIFS are much craft

‘Are GIFs craft?’ a young, innocent minded Jordie asked herself. She pondered this thought for a while, contemplating just what craft might mean. At first, to her, when she thought of craft she thought of Art, which consisted of painting and drawing. However, Ted had a different idea…

After a long, long, long time of thought processing (about a day), she decided that craft could be anything, and why can’t it be a GIF. Or in fact, why can’t it be the whole internet. An endless experimentation and transformation of craft.

Despite this absurd seeming story, I wanted to bring attention to the idea of craftsmanship and the process of craftsmanship through digital transformation. Or in other words, the craft of a GIF. David Pye believed craftsmanship to be“workmanship using any kind of technique of apparatus,” (Pye 1968). So, in saying that, why can’t craft be a GIF?

If you are wondering about this idea of craft, here is a GIF, look at this medium and think about the message 😉





Pye, D., The Nature and Art of Workmanship, 1968, date accessed: 21/3/17



8 thoughts on “GIFS are much craft”

  1. Jordie ! Again, you’ve managed to explain such a complex idea in such a simple way through the use of gifs ! The focus on gifs has made the topic extremely relevant in terms of our tasks in BCM112 and has also made the ideas presented so clear and concise.
    You, yourself have evidently participated in experimentation when making this gif and have thus contributed to the notion of digital mediation and remediation.
    The fact that you have included the definition of craftsmanship and how it relates to gif making does, indeed enhance your argument.
    Perhaps you could try and relate this to the concepts of mass production and manufacturing, as gifs, along with memes are becoming widely procuded, does this mean they are items of mass production?
    Great post 🙂

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  2. This is really well written in a simplistic way! It reflects the idea that the old ideas of ‘craft’ which we usually associate with knitting groups, painting classes and paper mache have long ago transformed into much more complex creations. The main idea of a transformation process that all crafts go through can be evident through the continual production of gifs etc. on the internet. Anyway, your post made me think further about our lecture!

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  3. Yes girl! You have explained this so concisely. Nice to see i can relate to you with how long it took to process (about a day)..
    Was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that craft doesn’t have to be something physically tangible, that you can hold, you know?
    Why cant craft be a gif. Good attitude & good post.

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