The medium is the massage

The way we choose to send our messages means so much more than the message itself.

This notion is the very basis and basic understanding of Marshall Mcluhan’s idea of ‘The medium is the message’. When I first fathomed this notion I thought I was just so deep. Of course it was later when I actually realized there is so much more to understand and I am really only just beginning to understand it. Ultimately, my original understanding is the general idea.

A medium is anything  that puts our thoughts into actions. It can range from any form of technology, or something even as simple as body language. A message on the other hand, refers to what is being communicated. Although, the audience we are sending our message to is highly influenced by the medium in which we are sending the message, even if they don’t notice it themselves.

For example, you send a text to your mum exclaiming “Yo mum, whats for dinner?”. Your mum replies to your message, “cHickEn andsaLad J*GBV”. You sigh in frustration. Although, If I had asked my mum in person, and she had replied with the same intention, her idea would have come across more clearly, and she would have heard my frustrated sigh for real. The vocal expression and body language significantly changes the way my message is perceived.

Therefore, we can see that the message being sent isn’t necessarily as significant as the medium I’m choosing to send it through. In fact, the mediums are constantly changing and interpreting our messages in different ways constantly.

I will admit I am still very confused and trying to understand this concept, but I don’t think I really ever will fully wrap my head around it.



6 thoughts on “The medium is the massage”

  1. Hey Jordie!
    Firstly, I love how you used the typo that McLuhan encountered when publishing his book because it exemplifies how the message can be lost within the message. Your definition of the medium is the message is clear and actually helped me understand the concept a lot better as I struggled to convey the meaning in my own blog post article. Also your example of how messages can be lost in translation in terms of what is meant is effective because many people can relate to having a text message misinterpreted due to the fact there is no actual tone of voice to be heard. I think this blog post was fantastic and straight to the point.

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  2. I loved the example you use, it’s a simple, funny analogy that helps understand the complex concept that is, ‘the medium is the message’, and is super #relatable for everyone nowadays hahaha. I totally agree though, tone is certainly missing from messages, it’s super frustrating when what you want to say doesn’t come across properly and it snowballs into something unnecessary. I loved the conciseness of your post, keep it up Jordie! x

    P.s. I don’t want to sound really annoying but McLuhan’s first name is Marshall not Martin. Don’t want to sound rude or anything but just thought I’d let you know to avoid any confusion x

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  3. Jordie,

    I looove the example you used, super relevant to us living in such a technologically controlled word where the message can easily be lost by making the choice to use text messaging as a medium. Your post follows a logical train of thought and was therefore very easy to read. I also liked that you included a section about how you are still confused on the topic suggesting that you have an eagerness to learn more.

    My only suggestion is to include more graphic content because that meme is literally amazing!

    Ash x

    P.S Only just noticed the title, well done on using the original printed title rather than the concept title.

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