We’re all an audience and the media is our stage

Despite many of our best efforts to rid the world of many aspects of the media and to stop it from ‘overtaking’ our lives, we failed. It now cannot be denied that for most of us the media is what our day revolves around and we are its not so humble audience.

So what is a media audience you may ask, well disregarding the most obvious answer; you! A media audience is a group of individuals who are being influenced and provoked by the media to listen to it’s ideas and think in certain ways. Some members of our audience may say this sounds scary, some may say it seems ideal. However in some ways the media is really both. It can be a way of bringing ideas together or tearing them apart. Not like literally that would be weird… But its influence can be seen as both good and bad, as most radical ideas usually are.

There have always been many ideas about the use of media, particularly the extent of this use that shape the way we use it and view it. Privacy is a key concern that the media has made a more prevalent fact than ever. When Facebook first came to the forefront and everyone was getting ‘poked’ and ‘tagged’ (I really hope everyone reading this has Facebook, otherwise I’m a creep) my dad was always terrified about being ‘tagged’. He would get angry about the prospect of being ‘tagged’ online for all to see and ‘don’t tag me’ became almost like his catchphrase. Now you may be thinking this seems reasonable, some people just don’t want to be put on the internet for all to see, and I totally agree. However the fact is, my dad never had Facebook, never had an account and in no way could ever be ‘tagged’. There was just always such a misunderstanding and a fear of privacy with this new site that put your information on the internet for all to see. Especially to older generations who couldn’t fathom this understanding of media because they didn’t grow up with it like I did.

Privacy in the media today is something many people have a real fear of, just like my dad and ‘tagging’. However Violence is another paramount concern people always seem to link to the media, whether it really can be linked or not. The idea that ‘Assassins creed’ really has an influence on children and they are going to pull out an assault rifle when they’re parents tell them to do the dishes. Despite this notion being quite prominent there isn’t necessarily much evidence to suggest it exists.

These anxieties aren’t necessarily going away any time soon as they all come back to this misunderstanding and fear of the media and what it can do to society. However it doesn’t stop us from being the media’s audience, and I don’t think it ever will. As it is us who make up the media, we create it and change it everyday. We may never truly understand it and how we are influenced by it, yet in some strange way, we are the media.


3 thoughts on “We’re all an audience and the media is our stage”

  1. Hi Jordie, I really enjoyed reading this, your sense of humour made it so engaging. I think this post could be made more visually interesting with some embedded videos or illustrations, and you might want to include some scholarly readings as the basis and for more academic insights for your argument. I suggest this article by Philip Brey about video games and virtual reality as a good starting point for your discussion about how the media can trigger violence: . Still, it’s great how you have made a large-scale issue more reader-friendly by telling the story of your Dad and Facebook as an example for the generation gap aspect of the characteristics of the media audience. Hope to see more posts from you in the future 🙂

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