A Digital Artefact and me

I don’t necessarily know what a digital artefact is or have an clue what I will create for my own. However despite this confusion and the confusion that surrounds me with all of university I must power through.

It is almost impossible to think of an idea that is completely original that I can create, or let alone compare with the ones that have been created previously. I have only thought of a few possible ideas based of things that I am interested in and for some reason they all seem to coincide with YouTube (which seems terrifying).


  1. One idea I had was based of my inundated obsession with movies and celebrities. I could turn this obsession into some sort of movie rating or explaining Facebook page or Youtube channel. More specifically something like explaining a popular movie in a 20 sec video and creating a series of these for those not bothered to actually ever see the movie.
  2.  Another idea that crossed my mind was due to my time last year spent in the USA. I again could create a YouTube channel or Facebook page where in each video I have a particular topic and explain what it is like to be an Australian dealing with this topic in the USA. Such as where to find vegemite, driving on the other side of the road, or how to survive Trumps America (its harder than you would think).

There are so many more ideas out there, but that is the most terrifying thing about this task, that it can be anything! I’m not used to this much freedom.


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