An Introduction

Hello all!  Welcome to my blog to be used for many subjects in my BCMS degree at UOW. Could I BE any more excited (‘Friends’ reference 1). I can sense all the anticipation to read this blog through my screen as I type these introductory words. I have chosen to study a BCMS degree for many reasons. One of which being I have recently spent the last year living in California and the only communication skills I obtained was how to heavily use ‘OMG’ and ‘Like totally’ in as many sentences as possible. Not that this isn’t a great communication skill to have, I just also really hope to gain the skills to add ‘I need a Starbucks’ to many of my sentences also. I hope to post some interesting and engaging things throughout my time at UOW, while also letting readers cringe at my attempts at humor. But for now please just enjoy this introduction as it took me 3 hours to figure out how to post.


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